SaaS Customer Onboarding

In this chapter, we will give you a whole picture about how a customer accesses to your SaaS application through AWS Marketplace and how your SaaS application works with AWS Marketplace.

The following process outlines one recommended way of identifying, implementing, and metering a new customer’s access to your software:

  1. When a customer visits your product page on the AWS Marketplace website, they choose to subscribe to your product.

  2. The customer’s AWS account is subscribed to your product successfully. This means metering records sent from your product become part of the customer’s AWS bill.


  3. Then the customer will be redirected to the fulfillment landing page (registration URL of your application). A POST request will be sent to your application through the customer’s broswer that containing the customer’s registration token.


At this time, Your website must call ResolveCustomer on the AWS Marketplace Metering Service to redeem this registration token for this customer’s identifier and a product code. Then, you need to validate that the product code matches your SaaS product identity and keep this customer identifier in the customer’s session.

  1. The customer is instructed to either create an account in your product or sign in to an existing account.

  2. The customer is now signed in to your website using credentials specific to your SaaS application.

Now your application needs to use the customer identifier you saved to meter for usage through the AWS Marketplace Metering Service, or checks for entitlements through the AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service.