SaaS Product Guideline

All products and their related metadata are reviewed by AWS Marketplace when submitted to ensure that they meet or exceed current AWS Marketplace guidelines. Please consider below requirements when planning your SaaS application.

  • A portion of your application must be hosted in an AWS account that you own. (At least a software component hosted with AWS.)
  • At least one pricing dimension must have a price greater than $0.00.
  • All pricing dimensions must relate to actual software and cannot include any other products or services unrelated to the software.
  • SaaS products must be billed entirely through the listed dimensions on AWS Marketplace.
  • You cannot collect customer payment information for your SaaS product at any time, including credit card and bank account information.
  • After subscribing to the product in AWS Marketplace, customers should be able to create an account within your SaaS application and gain access to a web console within two business days. If the customer cannot gain access to the application immediately, you must provide a message with specific instructions on when they will gain access. When an account has been created, the customer must be sent a notification confirming that their account has been created along with clear next steps.
  • If a customer already has an account in the SaaS application, they must have the ability to log in from the fulfillment landing page.
  • Customers must be able to see the status of their subscription within the SaaS application, including any relevant contract or subscription usage information.

All information you can refer to the SaaS Product Guideline in Seller Guide.

AWS Marketplace continuously reviews products to verify that they meet any changes to these guidelines. If products fall out of compliance, we might require that you update your product and in some cases your product might temporarily be unavailable to new subscribers until issues are resolved.