Register As A Marketplace Seller

Getting started as a seller

If you want to sell your software in AWS Marketplace, review the requirements and then follow the steps to register as a seller. You can use an existing AWS account or create a new account. All AWS Marketplace interactions are tied to the account that you choose.

Seller requirements for publishing SaaS product

  • Sell publicly available, full-feature production-ready software.
  • Have a defined customer support process and support organization.
  • Provide a means to keep software regularly updated and free of vulnerabilities.
  • Follow best practices and guidelines when marketing your product in AWS Marketplace.
  • Be an AWS customer in good standing and meet the requirements in the terms and conditions for AWS Marketplace sellers.
  • You must be a permanent resident or citizen in an eligible jurisdiction, or a business entity organized or incorporated in one of those areas.
  • You must provide tax and bank account information. For US-based entities, a W-9 form and a banking account from a US-based bank are required.
  • Non-US sellers are required to provide a (i) W-8 form, value-added tax (VAT) or goods and services tax (GST) registration number, and (ii) US bank information. If you don’t have a US bank account, you can register for a virtual US bank account from Hyperwallet
  • For information about the permissions that AWS Marketplace sellers need, see Policies and permissions for AWS Marketplace sellers.
  • Once you use an AWS account to list a product on AWS Marketplace, you cannot change the AWS account associated with the product.

Seller registration process

  1. Log in your AWS account and go to AWS Marketplace. Click “Sell in AWS Marketplace”.


  2. Click “Register to sell in AWS Marketplace”.


  3. Now you have completed the seller registration. You will see the notification below and receive a welcome message linked to your AWS account. Then you can start to set up your seller account.