Submit Your SaaS Product in AWS Marketplace Management Portal

We recommend that you start by using the Products tab in AWS Marketplace Management Portal to submit the SaaS product. Follow the instruction below to start your submission!

  1. Log in to AWS Marketplace Management Protal and click Products - SaaS.


  2. In the SaaS product page, your can create new product or manage your existing products. To create a new product, select “SaaS Subscriptions” in the drop-down menu, click “Start”.


  3. Confirm your bank and tax information. Click “Next”


  4. Provided the metadata of your product. Items marked with an asterisk are required. The followings are some examples:


  5. When you complete the genernal information collection, click “Next” and start to provide pricing information. You will need to define the pricing dimensions and its category before you can call the SaaS BatchMeterUsage API. You can only select one Category per listing, choose from:

  • bandwidth (GBps, MBps)
  • data (GB, MB, TB)
  • hosts
  • requests
  • tiers
  • users

If none of the predefined categories fit your needs, you can choose the more generic units category. Next, define your pricing dimensions. Each pricing dimension represents a feature or service that you can set a per-unit price for. Add up to twenty four Pricing Dimensions. For example, data category is appropriate for software that manages stored data or processes data in batches measuerd in MB, GB or TB. User category is appropriate for software in which a customer’s users connect to the software directly like relationship management or business intelligence reporting. For more informaiton, you could refer to the Metering Service Concepts in Seller Guide.

Most of the informaton in this page cannot be edited any more after product publishing. Please plan and set up your pricing carefully.

  1. The account that you are using to create this listing request will be whitelisted by default to preview this listing. For more additional account, add them in the whitelist account box, separated by commas. If you have additional publishing notes / instructions for the AWS Marketplace team, you can leave some notes in the last textbox. Most importantly, you need to ensure your contact email address correct, all listing notification emails will be sent to this email address.